Ultralix Feedlot


While we do have a standard feedlot supplement, most feedlot supplements are tailor made to suit the commodities you have available to you.  We will work with you to get the most cost effective supplement to give you the most effective cost of gain ration.  Feedlot supplements can be used with either grain or silage or combination of both grain and silage ration.

Ultralix Feedlot Supplement


Silage Supplement Half Grain & Silage Supplement
Energy ME 8 Mj/kg 8 Mj/kg
Dry Matter (DM) 67% 67%
Total Protein 30% to 60% 30% to 60%
Urea (Maximum) 10% Min 10% Min
Phosphorus 1.00% 0.25%
Potassium 2.06% 2.01%
Calcium 0.49% 0.49%
Salt 5% 3%
Sulphur 0.76% 0.75%
Zinc 350mg/kg 435mg/kg
Copper 100mg/kg 125mg/kg
Magnesium 0.23% 0.21%
Cobalt 13mg/kg 16mg/kg
Iodine 5mg/kg 2.5mg/kg
Selenium 2mg/kg 2.5mg/kg
Manganese 300mg/kg 400mg/kg
Flavophospholipol 30ppm 32ppm
Monensin 145ppm 330ppm

Ultralix formulates each feedlot supplement to maximize the ingredients you have available to use. Both supplements above are solution supplements where you would add some limestone onsite. Silage or high roughage diets are normally high in moisture and are very safe to feed to most cattle, due to high roughage volume these rations contain a low level of energy. Grain can be expensive to transport long distance so silage ration are very effective in the north. By adding grain to the ration you will improve the density of the energy in the ration but in the north due to the heat and humidity we normally recommend maximizing the grain at about 60%.

Ultralix feedlot supplement contains Urea and medication’s and should only be fed to the class of animal and at the recommended rate which you have been advised to do so. Supplement should be agitated before use, product is best stored in a silo tank where air work’s best to agitate the tank. The whole tank needs to be circulated before use. Make sure all non-targeted animals like horse and dogs cannot get access to these supplements. Supplement need to be mixed into the ration with a mechanical mixer and never feed directly to any animals. Ultralix supplements should not be feed to starving stock or stock that have been deprived from water or roughage.