Ultralix is a family owned business which specializes in manufacturing quality supplements for graziers and feedlotters in northern Australia. Ultralix has built a new factory located near Charters Towers where we manufacture an extensive range of molasses based supplements.

Our range of manufacture supplement are suitable to be fed to weaners, growing cattle, breeders and bulls. Our signature range of supplements are Breeder, Grower and LiquidLik but we also manufacture a range of M4U and M8U products and custom mixes.

Our Breeder and Grower supplements contain the highest possible inclusion rate of molasses but at the same time allow a controlled intake. This allows our supplement to be high in energy and protein while delivering a balance of essential minerals to your livestock.

In 2016 Ultralix started field trialling LiquidLik, from our extensive trials we have just released LiquidLik 12 to the market. LiquidLik is designed as a safer alternative to dry or loose lick supplement. LiquidLik is an intake controlled supplement delivering about 40 grams of urea in 250mls of supplement per day along with essential minerals for an extremely economical cost. Ultralix will continue our product trial and research which should reward us with the release of an extensive range of LiquidLik supplements in the future.

Ultralix is committed to the future and is always researching for the latest technological advances in livestock pasture supplementation. We listen to our customers and look at the performance of their cattle and are always striving to improve their production results. Ultralix trials all new products and ideas in Queensland and Northern Territory. We feel it is very important to keep pushing the boundaries and looking at new products.


To provide the best possible products and service for every customer’s situation and needs, at the most economic price. Ultralix doesn’t aim to be the biggest in the supplement / feed industry in Northern Australia but we do aim to provide our customer with the best service and the most innovating products on the market.



Ultralix’s LiquidLik, Breeder and Grower range are our signature range of molasses single blend intake limiting pasture supplements.  They contain high levels of molasses and include an excellent balance of protein and minerals and are designed to improve production with increased fertility, weight gain and overall animal health.  All pasture supplements are designed to be feed adlib in open troughs and are rain safe. At Ultralix we work with our customers to get the maximum performance for their livestock for the most economical cost.

LiquidLik is a liquid alternative to dry season dry lick supplement and blocks, easily handled and stored and rain safe while being fed in open troughs.

Ultralix Breeder supplements are molasses based delivering a balance of energy, protein, phosphorus and essential trace minerals.

Ultralix Grower, like Breeder will improve the intake rate of fibre / grass in your growing cattle which will allow them to improve their weight gain or minimize the loss in dry conditions.

UltraMeal is a molasses based supplement mixed with either grain meal or protein seed meal or a combination of both of these meals.

Ultralix can make any M4U and M8U products.  We can add meal, phosphorus, minerals and medication to any M8U and M4U.

Feedlot supplements can be used with either grain or silage or combination of both grain and silage ration.